terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2017

VÊNUS - Se Vale Soñar - Animation aus Lateinamerika - Berlin

ANIMASIVO-Contemporary Animation Festival (Mexico City) arrives in Berlin and invites you to a very special night: a panorama of short films from Latin America in collaboration with KINO.
After the screening artist Edna Martínez will make us dance with her amazing music selection.
The night is dedicated to exploring the images and sounds produced in the region. From more poetic and abstract films to documentaries, this selection shows an approach to independent film production.
Rhythms, shapes, figures and characters from the other side of the Atlantic to think about the world we live in by using moving images.
We invite you to enjoy this selection of fantastic shamans-animators. A contemporary tale made of pixels and found materials.

ARTISTAS: Tania DLa de León (mx), Camilla Uboldi (ita-mx), Carlos Gomez Salamanca (col), Simon Wilches (col), Santiago "bou" Grasso y Patricio Plaza Plaza (arg), Cristobal León y Joaquin Cociña (Chile), Camillo Colmenares (Col), Carolina Corral (mx), Josué Vásquez Peralta y Benjamín Mugía (mx), Savio Leite Leite (brasil), Caracrimen (mx)

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